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 Ultimate Explorer (GMS)

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PostSubject: Ultimate Explorer (GMS)   Thu Mar 10, 2011 7:27 pm

Ultimate Explorer

· Lv.120 Cygnus Knights who have made the advancement to Chief Knight and completed the Empress's Grace quest can create an Ultimate Explorer through Empress Cygnus in Ereve. One Cygnus Knight can create one Ultimate Explorer. After creating an Ultimate Explorer, a Cygnus Knight cannot create another one, even if the first Ultimate Explorer that was created is deleted.

· You will choose a class of Explorer, and a Lv.50 character will be created. NOTE: You cannot create a Dual Blade Ultimate Explorer.

· You must have an empty character slot in order to make an Ultimate Explorer.

· The skin color of your Cygnus Knight carries over to the Ultimate Explorer they create.

· Ultimate Explorers share a Cash Inventory with regular (non-Dual Blade) Explorers.

· Ultimate Explorers have a max level of 200.

· Ultimate Explorer’s receive the skill Empress’s Might, an Empress’s Fine Set of equipment, and a Successor medal.

· Empress’s Might: [Max Level: 1] Allows the character to equip items that have a level requirement up through ten levels higher than the character, if the character meets the other stat requirements.

· Empress’s Fine Set: Includes a hat, a robe, gloves, shoes, and a weapon. Talk to Empress Cygnus upon reaching Lv.70 to upgrade to the Empress’s Brilliant Set.

· Successor: HP.MP +200 / ATT, Magic ATT+2 / Speed, Jump+10. This medal includes the name of your Cygnus Knight. For example, if Cygnus Knight Mihile created an Ultimate Explorer, that Ultimate Explorer would receive a medal named Mihile’s Successor.

· Ultimate Explorers also receive a Cygnus Knight skill corresponding to their job. The skill level increases automatically every ten levels, and each has a Max Level of 5. These skills are Mihile’s Soul Driver (Warriors), Oz’s Flame Gear (Magicians), Irena’s Wind Piercing (Bowmen), Eckhart’s Vampire (Thieves), and Hawkeye’s Shark Wave (Pirates).

Cygnus Knights update

New skills:

· Empress’s Blessing: [Max Level: 24] Your other characters in the same world receive a buff based on the level of a Cygnus Knight you have in that world. For every 5 levels your Cygnus Knight gains, the skill levels up and gives an additional +1 to ATT, Magic ATT, ACC, and Avoidability. This skill does not stack with Blessing of the Fairy. You will receive a buff from whichever skill is the highest level.

· Empress’s Shout: [Master Level: 1] HP/MP permanently increase by 20% when this skill is obtained. It is received upon completion of the quest Empress’s Grace, which is available to Lv.120 Cygnus who have made the advancement to Chief Knight.

· Empress’s Prayer: [Master Level: 1] An active buff the increases ATT and Magic ATT for two hours. It also enables a Cygnus Knight using it to hit monsters that are considerably higher in level than they are. The buff does not disappear when a character dies, and it cannot be canceled by monster skills. It requires 24 hours of play time to recharge. It is received upon completion of the quest Empress’s Grace, which is available to Lv.120 Cygnus who have made the advancement to Chief Knight.

Explorer update

Explorers can obtain Empress's Might and the Cygnus Knight attack skills that Ultimate Explorers receive by reaching lv. 70 and going through the 3rd Job Advancement. Empress's Might can be obtained by completing a quest from your 1st job instructor. The Cygnus Knight attack skill available to your job can be received from the corresponding Cygnus Knight job instructors. Warriors go to Mihile, Magicians go to Oz, Bowmen go to Irena, Thieves and Dual Blades go to Eckhart, and Pirates go to Hawkeye. The quest for the attack skill you obtain can be repeated every ten levels in order to raise the level of the skill.

NOTE: The drop rate for the items to complete these quests is very low. This is by design.

Copy Pasted From nexon site. Thx


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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Explorer (GMS)   Fri Mar 11, 2011 10:46 am

cheers Nice guide, but what's the point in making a Ultimate Explorer?
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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Explorer (GMS)   Fri Mar 11, 2011 12:19 pm

looks cool to me <3
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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Explorer (GMS)   Fri Mar 11, 2011 12:42 pm

the only good UA is paladin , others suck. there isn't really point in making one since the quest for it takes ages to complete
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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Explorer (GMS)   Fri Mar 11, 2011 2:07 pm

Ua Buccs are good too, takes ages to get a marauder from 110-120. And then ds 20 and 30 are rare books =/
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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Explorer (GMS)   Sun Mar 13, 2011 6:58 pm

when do we get this , and do they do better dmg then normal adventurers? i mean i've read this:This is probably the latest major update in KMS in which Nexon created a new concept of old adventurer. Basically, you can create an lvl 50 adventurer job (of any) if you have lvl 120 cygnus knight (of any) and after having done some seriously irritating quests. Ultimate Adventurer is just like the old classic jobs (warrior, mage, theif, pirate, archer) except they are given few special skills. First, ultimate adventurers can wear weapons that are +10lvl req. of their lvl. Second, Ultimate Adventurer can use a cygnus knight skill (warrior - sould driver, pirate - shark wave, mage- flame gear, archer - wind piercing, theif - vampire). And also, U.A. starts as lvl 50 and given SET equips that can get u thru 50~120. And also given +2atk +1matk +10jump/speed +200hp/mp medal with your cygnus knight's name on it. Well, also you can check out the look of Hero job after the big bang patch. As you can see, they replaced BRANDISH with BRAVE SLASH, which definitely put Hero over any other warrior jobs interms of DPM. Also, another balance patch was announced on 18th of november and it will raise the dmg of brave slash by 30% (240% x3 + Final attack).

, but its just for people who has got a lvl 120 KoC , and didnt made a "real" character yet?

let me know :3
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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Explorer (GMS)   

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Ultimate Explorer (GMS)
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